All yarn at Apricot Yarn & Supply is made from natural fibers, including a curated mix of farm-to-shop yarn, sustainable yarn from around the world, independent
​dyers and local San Diego County producers.​​

Why natural

Natural fibers are about fields and pastures. They are what you heirloom pieces are made with because they last, from wear through wash, for years. They are both soft and durable. They are both beautiful full of character.

We have chosen natural fibers that are grown or raised with the environment in mind and sustainability at heart. 
World Yarn Brands
Debbie Bliss
Ella Rae 
Elsebeth Lavold
Erika Knight
Euro Baby
Filatura Di Crosa 
Hedgehog Fibres
Juniper Moon Farm
Knitting Fever International 
Manos Del Uruguay
Queensland Collection
The Fibre Co.
Wool & The Gang

Made in the USA Yarn Brands
Appalachian Baby
Dirty Water DyeWorks
Elemental Affects
Juniper Moon Farm
Meadowcroft Dyeworks
Traveling Yarn

Local Yarn Brands
Apricot Yarn & Supply
Candy Skein
Ewe Ewe
Lazer Sheep
Long Dog
Oink Pigments

Local & Milled in the USA

There has also been a resurgence recently of old, forgotten U.S. mills, which have been brought back to life. Farmers are rasing heirloom varieties of sheep, which allows our shop to provide beautiful woolen yarns that are grown, milled, processed and dyed in the USA.

From Around the World

There has been a movement worldwide to return to local sources for our everyday needs. We recognize the efforts of local shepherds around the world, and their local mills and dyeworks. We discover some of the best from around the world, and bring to the shop these natural fibers.

Independent Dyers

These fiber artsists source yarn both locally and from around the world, using their eye for color to create beautiful, small batch skeins. We're proud to offer yarns from independent dyers you've heard of, and from those we think you should hear of.